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Creating New Horizons Through Personal Empowerment

Find Your Strength

Alignment of body, mind and soul brings harmony, balance and stress relief, allowing the body's energy centers to ebb and flow with ease. Finding this energetic strength helps you stand in your true power and take on life with much more ease! 

Expand Your Vision

Horizons Energy Healing in Saskatoon provides alternative holistic healing therapies to assist in the body's own healing process. Expand your awareness and vision to see coming opportunities with clarity! 

Create Your Freedom

Receive the guidance, knowledge, and tools you require to progress on your life path, and to heal the physical or emotional blocks that may be preventing your movement forward. A life of freedom and huge possibility awaits!

~ Individualized One-on-One Reiki Classes Offered at Horizons Energy Healing ~


Services by Horizons Energy Healing do not substitute traditional medical treatment and no medical claims are made here regarding these treatments. Information provided here does not diagnose, cure or prevent any disease, illness or affliction. Consult your Medical practitioner or licensed health professional when you find or suspect any physical, emotional or psychological medical condition existing. 

The energy healing treatments and services promoted on this site are meant to be used as a complementary part of your healing care program.  It is important not to have expectations about the outcome of receiving Reiki or Energy Healing, as the healing will take place, but it may happen in unexpected ways, based on how your body, mind and spirit require it to be. 

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